On the 2nd Day Before Christmas, IAHSP Gave to me . . .

On the 2nd Day Before Christmas, IAHSP Gave to me . . . Ongoing Education with FAST Track Sessions!  These are INCLUDED with your membership and are a $450 value!  Based on similar industry offerings that are fee-based, our FAST Track (Focused Accelerated Stager Training) Webinars are gifted to all of our IAHSP Members!


You can attend them AT YOUR LEISURE instead of having to be at your computer at a set time.  You can take them all or just the ones that you believe will help your business – they are all available.


On the 3rd Day Before Christmas, IAHSP Gave to me . . .

On the 3rd Day Before Christmas IAHSP Gave to Me -Your Luxury Home Staging Designation!  If you want to break into this market niche or learn more about how to refine what you already do for Luxury Properties, then you are coming to the right Conference! 

IAHSP is your GETAWAY with a TAKEAWAY!  Our Conferences always have a high-education level and we are the ONLY industry conference that actually GIVES YOU added CREDENTIALS that you EARN at our conference!!  This IAHSP-LHS Designation will be taught by Debbie Boggs, Blair Hamaty, Sandra Holmes, and Karen Mendenhall – all top Stagers in their markets and leaders in our industry!  The Designation comes INCLUDED with your 2018 IAHSP Conference & EXPO ticket! 

Go to www.iahspconexpo.com to get your ticket before prices go up!!

LHS logo

The SCOTT BROTHERS – Jonathan & Drew – KEYNOTE Speakers for 2018 IAHSP Conference & Expo!

IAHSP has secured the hottest ticket in our industry to be our KEYNOTE SPEAKERS for the 2018 IAHSP Conference & EXPO – Oct 18-20, 2018 in Charlotte NC!   That’s right . . . Jonathan and Drew Scott are coming to speak to YOU on October 19th, 2018!

Register NOW to secure your VIP spot – only available to the first 120 registrants!  ALL attendees will receive one of their best-selling books for the Book Signing – Meet & Greet!  Go to www.iahspconexpo.com to purchase your ticket!    Super Early Bird pricing ends Soon!

We have amazing speakers lined up sharing topics that will help YOU continue your Journey to the Top of the Home Staging Industry!  All attendees will also earn their IAHSP-LHS – Luxury Home Staging Designation!

Are you ready for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT?

Make sure to watch your social media sites TOMORROW for an IAHSP BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  You are not going to want to miss this news . . . and it is VERY exciting!  Can’t wait to share it with you all!!  – Jennie

IAHSP Welcomes Home Staging Network Polska as our newest Affiliate Association!

IAHSP is on the grow around the world!! Many sister association are joining IAHSP as the preferred Home Staging Industry Association serving the globe!  Our newest affiliate member is Home Staging Network Polska – from POLAND!  We are thrilled to welcome them into the IAHSP Family and hope you join in saying, “Witamy,” or “Welcome,” to their members!

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What’s Your Story – Featuring Edi Keech!

Name: Edi Keech

Company:  Staging Puget Sound

From:  Auburn, WA (near Seattle)

Here is Edi’s Story – ENJOY!!

I am uniquely both a graduate architect and an award-winning home stager, with over 40 years’ design experience, located in the Seattle area.

I trained at Syracuse University and the Architectural Association in London.  My design portfolio includes commercial properties in Philadelphia, offices in California, and innumerable private homes throughout the United States. 

I am certified in Mathematics Education, and taught for many years at the Performing Arts School of the Philadelphia College of Performing Arts. Leaving the world of private education, I moved on to the Hopewell Valley School District (Princeton, NJ) where I developed the middle school computer science program and curriculum.

I honed my administrative talents in both New Jersey and California as Chief Operating Officer of a world-class medical practice. With my oversight, the company grew to be a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

Relocating to the Greater Seattle area (in 2009) allowed me to return to my first love: design. I used all my prior career experience to develop a full-service home staging company, Staging Puget Sound. I am a Lifetime Accredited Staging Professional Master, and a Premier Member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP). In 2017, I was honored with Best Vacant Staging and Top Stager awards by IAHSP at the annual International Conference.

My greatest trial has been developing contacts and becoming a viable, productive business. Stubborn perseverance got me through those days.  I love working with people. Each project brings a new set of challenges and demands.  Stick with it! If your heart yearns to help others, if you enjoy design and if you are not afraid of hard work, then Home Staging may also be for you!

THANK YOU Edi for sharing!  We love learning about the backgrounds of our members and how they have grown and succeeded in Staging!

What’s Your Story? Featuring Joan Inglis

  1. Your nameJoan Inglis
  2. Business nameCarolina Spaces
  3. How long you have been in business?13 years
  4. What you did before getting into the Staging Industry?I was a government and features reporter for a major city newspaper while I freelanced at interior design for homebuilder’s model homes.  Simultaneously I began three home-based businesses while being a devoted homeschool mother of three – Herbalife; Storytime Books (my own line of children’s personalized storybooks); and I did home services management with a friend.  Prior to my children I was a full-time cat lady.  I had a cattery – Majun – and bred and showed Turkish Angoras all over the country.  I was the first breeder focusing on black smoke Turkish Angoras and my cats and kittens won many first-ever awards.
  5. What made you decide to start a Staging business?I knew it would be a good fit with my design background and Realtor license.  I intended to have the Staging enhance my real estate business, but the Staging took on a life of its own.  Early on I received requests across three states to furnish homes priced up to $10 million.  
  6. What has been one of the biggest challenges for your success?Earning trust from fellow Realtors.  Because I am licensed in the states I serve, fellow Realtors did not want me to come into contact with their clients.  After many years of having the door slammed in my face, Realtors suddenly came knocking at my door.  Now I work with the topmost Realtors in my region, consulting on all of their listing, and physically Staging many of those homes.  
  7. What has been one of the best aspects of having your own business? – Though it is a great deal of responsibility and all issues fall back on me to solve, I enjoy a challenge and keeping my wheels spinning.  The very best aspect is that I help people get out of their current situation and move on with their lives.
  8. What is your top tip or piece of advice for someone looking at getting into this industry? Get educated, then do not let the customer dictate your price. Price your services with all expenses and profit in mind.  Don’t be afraid to walk away if the customer can’t meet your price.  There WILL be others who can.

Thank you, Joan, for sharing your background and insights!  We love how this industry attracts people from all walks of life, and so great to see how you have achieved such great success!! Those of you reading, Joan is a multi-award-winning ASP Master Home Stager and has really helped pave the way for Staging in her market!

If YOU would like to be featured in this ongoing series, simply answer the questions above, send in your headshot and company logo to Jennie@iahsp.com and we will feature YOU and your business!

What’s Your Staging Story – Featuring Virginia Youngblood – Do Stage! LLC from Charlotte NC

Welcome to What’s Your Staging Story – a series of installments where we feature IAHSP Members and their stories of how they got into Staging, how their business journey has evolved and advice for others in the industry or those thinking about becoming a Home Stager!  We are so happy to receive Virginia’s information – and to learn about her background and business growth to date!  Thank you, Virginia, for sharing with us!!


Virginia Youngblood pic 2  Do Stage logo

Name: Virginia Youngblood

Business name: DO-STAGE! LLC

How long have you been in business: 5 and half years – ASP® stager – March 2012 &  ASPM® – April 2016

What did you do before getting into the staging industry? I worked as an organizer for a few years and my business was called Lighten Up of NC. Before that I was a homeschool teacher for our son during his kindergarten through 9th grades, and also a homemaker.  Before staying home, I was a teacher for 17 years in both private and public schools.

What made you decide to start a staging business? I’ve always enjoyed rearranging furniture, redesigning and helping family and friends with their décor.  It was time! I was an empty nester mom and people kept encouraging me by saying, “Virginia, you have such an eye for furniture placement, you ought to be a stager!”  So one afternoon, I started looking on line and found stagedhomes.com . . . the rest is history!

What has been one of the biggest challenges for your success? Overcoming my fear.

What has been one of the best aspects of having your own business? Serving all of the dear families that I would never have met otherwise

What is your top tip or piece of advice for someone looking at getting into this industry? Believe in yourself and if it’s truly what God has placed on and in your heart to do then GO FOR IT . . . and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!


Thank you for sharing Your Story with us, Virginia!  You have accomplished so much in a short time in this industry.  We know you put your heart into your business and your clients must really love you!  And I agree – once you find your passion, never give up on your dream!! – Jennie

Do you have a story you would like to share?  Please email the answers to the questions above to Jennie@iahsp.com along with your headshot and company logo.

How IAHSP Membership Can Help You Succeed! Top Reasons to JOIN the longest running industry association!


If you are in the Home Staging Industry and plan to succeed long term, you need to be part of an industry association that uses the power of membership to provide resources and support that you would not be able to obtain on your own.  However being part of an industry association should not mean being charged for every resource you want, or having membership rates increase to the point where you question affordability.

The International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP) is the longest running industry association that from the start in 1999 put emphasis on industry education as the main criteria for membership.  IAHSP members also adhere to strict Code of Ethics and standards of Excellence with their clients that are guided by IAHSP.

We have thousands of members worldwide, and ALL members have earned one of the IAHSP-Approved designations, credentials, or trainings listed on the www.iahsp.com site.  This sets our association apart as we believe education is a fundamental foundation for success in this industry.  We have foreign Home Staging Association partners throughout Europe and Asia that also recognize the value of aligning with IAHSP.

Furthermore, we honor the training organizations that support our association and recommend IAHSP membership to their graduates.  Any training organization that requests to be IAHSP-Approved will receive our seal of approval following a review of curriculum.  IAHSP will not develop courses that compete with our partner organizations core training offerings.

IAHSP has not raised our membership rates in over a decade.  We focus on adding value to our members and increasing the numbers in our association versus increasing membership rates to the point that it makes members question their participation. and affordability.  

If you are not a member of IAHSP – consider joining today for these reasons:

  1. IAHSP has regional chapters for ongoing networking and support.  Our chapters organize meetings with outside speakers, field trips, and open sharing about industry trends, marketing strategies and much more.  There is no reason for any IAHSP Member to be isolated or alone as any member can remote in to monthly meetings.  In fact, IAHSP launched the very first industry chapter back in 2003, and since that time has helped launch chapters throughout the US, Canada and Europe.
  2. IAHSP has ongoing education and designations offered to help you stay current in your knowledge and skills.  Some of these educational offerings come included with your membership.  Industry Designations are offered at a very reasonable rate compared with other industry trainings.  Our annual Conference & EXPO is the Getaway with a Takeaway – issuing a timely industry designation to all attendees.
  3. You can attend our monthly IAHSP Calls where we have a topic of interest to help your business, and also interview key vendors to allow them to share the latest and greatest information with our members.
  4. MARKETING and BUSINESS PLANNINGTap into the FAST Track Sessions to learn key information to help you with your business.  These power-hour sessions are webinar based so you can attend at your leisure.  FAST Track Sessions come along with your membership.   More FAST Track Sessions are in development.  If there is a topic you would like to learn more about, please let us know!
  5. Social Media – We have open and closed Facebook and LinkedIn Groups that allow you to gain valuable information from industry colleagues and post questions in a safe and supportive environment.  We also have a blog with interesting and valuable articles for our membership to read and share.
  6. IAHSP hosts Regional and International Conferences & EXPOs for our members. These events bring quality education, vendor partners, and valuable networking with industry colleagues from around the globe.  Our Conference draws the top industry business owners that come to learn and share.  Combined with top industry KEY NOTE Speakers, our Conference is an exciting event!
  7. IAHSP has KEY VENDOR PARTNERSHIPS with companies that provide services and products your company needs.  We have negotiated special terms and rates with these companies unavailable to non-IAHSP Members.
  8. The IAHSP Brand is recognized worldwide and using the logos on your business and marketing literature gives credibility for you with your prospective clients.
  9. IAHSP GIVES BACK our association has sponsored Worldwide Staging Service Week (WWSSW) since 2005.  Our chapters and members give back to their communities with projects they coordinate and conduct for worthy individuals, groups, or entities.  Since 2005, IAHSP collectively has donated or contributed over $5 Million in resources, time, and services  No other association has an annual event dedicated to helping those in need.  The IAHSP Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises funds to support WWSSW.
  10. IAHSP is operated by active owners of Staging Businesses – we not only talk the talk, we WALK the WALK.  This is important as we know FIRST HAND the issues and concerns of our colleagues, and what they need in an association.  IAHSP is continuing to provide added-value to our members with an updated website, member portal with access to educational resources and documents to help you grow your business.  

For information on joining IAHSP go to www.iahsp.com or call 800-392-7161.  For feedback and suggestions, please email Jennie Norris, IAHSP Chairwoman at Jennie@iahsp.com.

What’s Your Story?

The International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP) is starting a new series where we would like to feature our valued members as we find out “What’s Your Story?”  Please submit the following information to us:

  1. Your name
  2. Business name
  3. Your photo and company logo
  4. How long you have been in business?
  5. What you did before getting into the Staging Industry?
  6. What made you decide to start a Staging business?
  7. What has been one of the biggest challenges for your success?
  8. What has been one of the best aspects of having your own business?
  9. What is your top tip or piece of advice for someone looking at getting into this industry?

Please send all submissions to Jennie@iahsp.com.

We are excited to hear all the wonderful stories from our members worldwide!